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When a loved one dies, the responsibility of managing the details of their estate can trigger additional stress and expense during an already difficult time. In these situations, an experienced probate lawyer can help you handle the necessary tasks and avert costly errors. Since 1977, the attorneys of A. Sirvaitis & Associates in Cleveland have guided Northeast Ohio clients through the state’s probate process. For both small and large estates, we handle a full range of legal matters including will contests, guardianships, powers of attorney, and accountings. No matter what your specific situation entails, our firm works diligently to help ensure that the decedent’s instructions are carried out and no assets are wasted.

Accomplished advocates resolve probate matters efficiently

Our attorneys understand that probate responsibilities often fall on people who are not familiar with the legal system. In a free initial consultation, we can discuss how we handle the relevant procedures under Ohio law, including:

  • Filing and notifications — If a person died with a will, we file it in the appropriate Superior Court and seek Letters of Authority. Our lawyers advise named executors and other potential beneficiaries about assets that are transferred outside of probate, such as joint accounts and items that have been placed in a trust. If special circumstances exist, such as intestacy or a small estate that qualifies for simplified administration, we can guide you through the steps you need to take.
  • Locating property and shifting it into the estate — Unfortunately, many people do not have all of their affairs in order at the time of their death. Our lawyers understand how to find missing assets and transfer them into the estate. We then prepare a detailed inventory to ensure transparency and compliance with legal directives.
  • Managing expenses and obligations — As the probate process typically lasts for several months, we take care of continuing expenses such as taxes so that penalties are averted and as much property as possible goes to the intended heirs.
  • Distributing assets and dissolving the estate — When all of the assets are brought into the estate, debts are paid, and disputes are resolved, our lawyers request a court order mandating that estate items be allocated to the beneficiaries.

Whether you are a named executor, an administrator appointed due to intestacy, or someone looking to challenge a will provision, probate issues often arise at an unexpected time. Our seasoned legal advisors protect your rights and estate assets so that you can concentrate on other responsibilities.

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